Cognitive Rescaling with Assistive Technology

Summarization Tools

Vocabulary Support Tools
  • Up Goer Five identifies uncommon words you may wish to change to increase understanding
  • Rewordify automatically changes uncommon words and offers a variety of educational tools
  • Vocab Grabber "grabs" vocabulary from text so you can pre-teach or assign to students to learn

Make It Visual!
  • Tagexdo - word cloud site
  • Wordle - word cloud site
  • Popplet - free mind map site
  • Text2Mindmap - site that allows students to create outlines which automatically turn into mind maps

Other Tools Mentioned
  • Symbaloo - clickable, visual start page
  • Up Goer Six - color codes vocabulary in a text by how common the words are
  • Inspiration Software - mind mapping and graphic organizing software
  • SafeShare.TV - use this site to create safe links that will play online videos in the classroom