Welcome to AAC Bootcamp for Professionals 2014!

Powerpoint Presentations from the Bootcamp

Introduction to AAC - Bootcamp Day One, Morning Session (Kate)

AAC Systems - Day One, Afternoon (Susan)

Core Vocabulary - Bootcamp Day Two, Morning Session (Susan)

Assessment (Susan)

AAC Implementation in the Classroom - Day Three (Kate)

Let the Game's Begin! Games for AAC Users - Day 4, Morning (Susan)


Group Projects on AAC Implementation - Day Three

Perceptual Salience - explained using Chatterpix App and iMovie

rage comic.PNG
Sabotage Technique - comic made with Rage Comic on iPad

Asking Open Ended Questions - video

AAC Adult Directed

AAC Child Lead

Zone of Proximal Development (right click, download, extract files)

Game Day!

Game Plans - Making Games to Practice AAC
simpsons we've tried nothing and we are out of ideas.jpg

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